The Reason for the Growing Popularity of Self Catering Accommodations

Self catering accommodations are quite popular for the array of benefits associated with them. Self catering holidays offer more independence and freedom to travellers, especially if they are travelling with young children and old people. Such an accommodation offers the benefit of cooking special meals for picky eaters.

There are different kinds of self catering stays from the single bedroom apartments to the lavish villas. Pick one according to your budget. If you are on a vacation for over a month with your family, then the self catering apartments with 2-3 bedrooms are more cost-effective than staying in hotels. On the other hand if budget is not a problem then you could have an experience of a life time by booking one of the luxurious self catering villas. They offer a host of services from laundry service and professional chefs to executive drop-offs and pickups by car from the airport.

There are plenty of benefits of staying in a self-catering apartment and some of them are listed below.

Increased comfort and Privacy:

Self catering apartments offer enhanced comfort and homely atmosphere that hotels cannot provide. You will enjoy increased privacy and enjoy all the luxuries of home even when you are in a new city.

Spacious and More Relaxing:

Whether you book a house for a birthday party or an apartment of one bedroom for vacation, self catering accommodations are far more relaxing and spacious than hotel rooms.
Move at Your Own Pace:

The major advantage of a self catering stay is that you do not have to rush for complimentary breakfast that most hotels provide. You even do not have to make amendments to your plans to accommodate the lunch time or dinner time of hotels or restaurants. You can move at your own pace and there is no need to hurry.

Special Food:

The greatest benefit of self catering stays is that you can cook your own meals for the fussy eaters and patients who cannot eat at restaurants and require specially cooked meals. For instance, if you are travelling with diabetic patients or patients suffering from kidney problems, self catering accommodations are the best.

Added Services:

Some luxurious self catering stays offer many extra services that hotels do not provide such as pamper parties, beauty treatments, professional chefs, etc. Some luxurious stays even organize events like “whisky tasting” and arrange for executive drop off and pick-up of guests to and from the airport.

Book the self catering accommodation in Swindon, Wiltshire at the Marston Farm. It is a luxurious self catering stay that offers railway carriage, beehive and woodpecker accommodations. The rooms are equipped with modern amenities such as flat screen DVD/TV, complimentary Wi-Fi, king sized bed that can be converted into a sofa and plenty more. The accommodation has a well equipped kitchenette that features organic milk, jam, organic butter, fresh read, tipple, etc. This farm also allows dog friendly self catering short stays.


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